SongBird – Active Bluetooth Enabled Speaker with Analogue Alarm Clock

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Introduction to SongBird

SongBird is an active Bluetooth enabled speaker with an analogue alarm clock. It combines my passion for designing timepieces with a lifelong interest in audio reproduction, and I am proud to introduce you to this collection which delivers a beautifully refined tone with impeccable good looks. It is perfect for any hotel guest room or home.

The simple intuitive controls make Songbird a perfect accessory for any desk, hotel room or home and need no explanation for any moderately tech aware user.

The Bluetooth system delivers CD quality music through the hand crafted cabinet, giving an astonishing audio experience with the convenience of wireless operation, without compromising the sound quality. Enjoy the aesthetics of an analogue clock with state-of-the-art audio playback.

I am privileged to work with an exceptional team of audiophile engineers that have worked on such iconic British Hi Fi brands as Quad, Mission and Celestion, and these craftsmen have helped make this gorgeous product a reality. With our ability to offer bespoke tailoring, the Songbird series ticks all the boxes and offers flexibility and quality in an exceptional contemporary package.

This cool product is a joy to use, has first class performance, and will surely appeal to everyone.

Enjoy the groove !

Benefits & Solutions

An exceptional audio and analogue timepiece combination

The Bluetooth system reproduces CD sound quality wirelessly

16W of distortion free hi fidelity power to suit all music tastes

The 100% silent clock movement

Night light and snooze function

2 x USB phone charging ports

Simple and intuitive controls

Compatible with all phones and tablets

Power output 16W

76mm full range driver

3.5mm auxiliary audio input

SNR Signal to noise ratio ≥ 95db

110V / 220V external transformer

DSP enhanced bass technology

Stainless steel facia grill, cabinet MDF

Digital amplifier with ≤ 0.1% distortion

Bluetooth v.4.0 + EDR with a range of 10M

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