OEM / Design Service

If you are looking for a good quality OEM or ODM clock factory based in China to make your collection or design then this is for you.

Our factory is in Dongguan City, China,  2 hours from Hong Kong and our senior management is English. We believe we have the best quality in the industry now, so,  If you are looking to make a quality design product then that’s our specialty. We make our own Oliver Hemming Collection and also offer our skills to other designers and retailers and distributors that are looking for a reliable and trustworthy factory to work with. What we offer is very unique and we pride ourselves in understanding  our customers needs and executing their designs correctly. We are not the cheapest but we will give you a world class product. If this is interesting for you , email us now and lets start talking or you can read on for the full story info@oliverhemming.com


We offer a full OEM or ODM design and product development service. We undertake detailed product development and manufacturing analysis to help to bring our customers collections to the market. With over 20 years of commercial product development experience we can provide the very best quality and delivery. Our attention to detail in manufacturing and above all in quality control ensures that we are confident in the quality of the products we ship.

This is how we do it:

The Company

Introduction by Oliver Hemming

If you have some experience of working with factories in China you will know that it’s not always an easy place to work. With factories opening and closing every day, many with very poor management and questionable ethics, it can be a dangerous and costly place to make mistakes. So it’s essential to work with a partner who you can trust and who shares the same values as you do. I am from London and have been designing and making clocks for 30 years and have been in China for 10 years now. I have my own assembly factory here and have established a network of ancillary suppliers whom I can use to support my own manufacturing, and now I want to share this resource with you.

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 Oliver Hemming is both an established and award winning designer and the brand owner with 30 years design and manufacturing experience and he is passionate about designing and making.

What We Offer

We will listen to you and understand your needs, creating a starting point that will enable us make the product you have in your mind to the quality you need, and in the way you imagined it. We will respect your intellectual property.

We have 9 key strengths for you to consider.

Our Team

Consisting of an award winning design leader, skilled engineers, local multilingual staff, 2d and 3d designers, and skilled assembly staff with QC awareness and a passion for getting it right.

Our Resources

We have a huge library of existing parts which we can access at no cost to you and 30 years experience of making design products. Our connections with suppliers and the knowledge of their resources has been developed over many years and now we have an excellent core supplier base to use in the development of any new product. If we don’t have it, then we will know how to find it or how to make it.

Our Location

Situated near the railway station in Dongguan, it is where I can get the results I need for my own products and I now invite you to share this experience and see what we can do for you. Only 1 hour 20 minutes from Hong Kong it is perfectly located and surrounded by many high quality ancillary suppliers.

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Our Skills

We have experience that covers many disciplines: Injection molding, wood working, metal stamping, specialist glass, radio controlled and electronics, step and sweep movements, silk screen printing, die casting, laser cutting, die cutting, anodizing, polishing, chroming, CNC lathe and milling.

Our Quality

Our quality level is designed for the top level of the mid to high end design market. We only do good quality work, we will not cut  corners to save cost and we will make sure that we stick to the agreed specification. If we need special equipment or tools, then we get them, we don’t make do without. We test, test and test again before we commit.

Our Care

We check everything, we check the customers drawings and samples and specifications very carefully, we need to be 100% sure there are no mistakes and we will step up and say when we think there is a problem. We QC parts before assembly,

Our Method

We have a structured path which takes us from meeting you and seeing your ideas through the quote and sampling stage to the final production. This is designed to produce the product that you want at the quality you want it and to enable us to stand by our word. If you have your own method, we can incorporate that too into the process.


Our guarantee

We aim to give whatever guarantee is requested, typically a year, but we can work to any specification required. If we make a mistake, we will fix it.

POS Material

If you need POS materiel, we can help with that too, making sure it meets you needs, your quality and your price. Often these are price sensitive items and we are happy to include any of your out sourced products with our deliveries to you if you don’t want us to handle their production.

Sampling and Production Tooling Costs

We will make samples according to the best understanding we have of your needs. We will make them again until they meet your expectations or one that compromise dictates. We generally don’t charge sample fees, but we do expect to cover our costs. If production tooling is required to make a sample, then this must be paid in advance. We don’t give prices that include the tooling as this is not fair to the customer as we don’t often know the length of the production run. So all production tooling costs are treated separately from the unit price and must be paid before production starts.


Logistics and Storage

We can help you with the storage of parts and accessories for ongoing orders and short term arrangements can be made to help with other logistical storage issues, both in China and Hong Kong. Whatever your requirements for export shipping we can help you do that with your own forwarder or you can let us use our own network. We get pretty good rates internationally by air through our agents for door to door delivery with the big couriers like Fed Ex and UPS on their international expedited air rates that often using your own forwarder, and typically cost around 20% of the value of the order for small and medium sized products. Let us help you get a quote.


Prices and MOQ   

We don’t want to give you a headache so we try always to be flexible and meet your preferred MOQ. For clocks it’s unlikely that we would recommend making anything less than 500pcs of any item. This is not a high MOQ for an OEM item and sometimes we can share parts across several designs in order to further reduce any MOQ issues. We can  help you by holding parts and dials and other accessories as long as you give a commitment that they will be taken in the medium term. This can reduce the MOQ to a much lower number of 1-200pcs for each different dial design as long as the total order reaches the basic minimum of 500pcs. Of course the higher the order Qty, the better the cost savings will be on all of the parts. Generally we advise an MOQ of 1500 to get the best price for all the parts especially packaging.


If you think that this is a good starting point for co-operating then we would love to hear from you. We will do our best to work with you and find a method and a programme that suits your time frame and your budget. Above all we aim to be flexible and work towards a lasting business relationship.


Contact Oliver Hemming directly at oliver@oliverhemming.com