Company Profile

Studio Designs Limited is a product design, manufacturing and distribution company working in the contemporary decorative home market. The company serves primarily as a manufacturing and distribution mechanism for the designs and collections of Oliver Hemming. In addition to this we also offer our design services to other clients for their OEM projects. The company has extensive and well tested contacts with suppliers in the manufacturing community and can produce very high quality products for the Western and all the Asian markets. With a focus on internal and external quality control at all stages both before, during, and after assembly, Studio Designs Limited can offer the highest level of manufactured products within its industry.

Investing in the Oliver Hemming Brand

If you would like to invest in our company and be a part of the future success of the brand then please get in touch. Typically we are looking for investors with inside industry experience and skills particularly in the sales marketing and distribution side of the business. We believe we have a very great future ahead and a lot of exciting new products to design and develop. We love this business and invite anyone out there with the same passion and relevant expertise to invest in a future together.

Please email Oliver Hemming directly at