The Quintessential British Silversmith

Gerald Benney was one the most influential British goldsmiths of the second half of the 20th century. During his 50 year career, he was the first British craftsman to hold four Royal warrants simultaneously.

Today, his work is very desirable as it’s perfectly captures the contemporary movement towards mid-century design. His gift of design is always powerful, simple and full of integrity.

Think of the sideboard in the “Madmen” office of Don Draper; that is where this belongs, except I think Don never drank coffee!

Gerald inspired me when I trained as a silversmith and I am sure he continues to inspire today.

I was lucky enough to acquire this iconic coffee pot for my collection and it is absolutely stunning, and you can, if you are lucky and quick, still find his work for sale. I know of a full coffee set like this for sale by my friend George Styles.

In 2008 when Gerald died, the Independent Newspaper in England published a very informative obituary on him

A silver box by Gerald Benney, the rectangular casket with textured outer typical of Benney and heightened partially in 18ct gold, London 1972.